Event 11-19 july


‘Kind bike ride’ is a digital event in which participants will have a ride round their favorite city (each of us has his own) together, but separately. However, you can unite, but maintain a safe distance.

What do I have to do?

· Take a ride on your own or rental bike on any day from July 11 to 19. You can participate from any place in the world and at any convenient time.

· Make a 16 km trip at a time.

· Use the tracker app to fix the result. That would show that you have completed the bike ride without any additional confirmation.

On behalf of every participant who overcomes the set distance (16km), the General partner of the Velobike (Velobike.ru) project will transfer 50 rubles (~71 cents) to a Charity Fund.


· Click the "Join" (Участвую) button and choose "Kind bike ride" (‘’Добрыйвелозаезд’’) from the suggested options»;

· Fill the questionnaire;

· Wait for an email with all the details;

Join the bike ride any day before July 19.