19 may

How can I help the Moscow Cycling Festival?

The success of the Moscow Cycling Festival depends on you!

We are grateful to everyone who contributes to the organization of the Festival, because it is an investment in more safety and happy future.

Here's how to make the Festival better:

1. Tell about the Festival in any way you can. For instance, you can write about it chat to your friends and colleagues. They might want to participate, too.

2. Subscribe and share the announcement of the Festival on your account in any social network or in stories:

3. Become a volunteer of the Festival and receive a great experience in organization of the large-scale cycling event. To do this, apply here

4. Become an organizer of a corporate cycling ride with your colleagues to start the development of cycling culture in your company

5. If you represent a company that wants to support cycling as a sponsor or information partner, please write here.

I want to collaborate with the Cycling Festival! How?

If you are a representative of a company - a potential partner or sponsor, write us using a feedback form.
If you are a private person, you can become a volunteer: send us a request.

Can we participate as a corporate team?

Yes, you can! However, this feature requires registration via special form, coordination of using the corporate symbolism and a sponsorship fee. Please contact us via email.

Can we participate in the festival as a team?

Sure! You only must register in advance via website. So you will be able to get accreditation to use team symbolism or flag.

Is it possible to come with children?

Of course! Festivall is a holiday for the whole family, the program will also include children's activities. The participation of children under 17 requires accompanying of a parent or adult guardian.

What time does the festival end?

The Festival program ends at 4.30 PM

What time can I come to the festival village?

The Festival village opens at 12 o'clock. The entrance is on the side of Komsomolskaya square.

I don’t have a bicycle, is it possible for me to participate?

Of course! You can use the bike rental service Velobike. On May, 19, Velobike offers a discount on the rental.

Do I need physical training to participate?

No, you don’t.

The Cycling Festival is NOT a sport event. The length of the route will be 15 km, and the speed is not more than 12 km/h. So, people with any level of fitness and on any type of bike will be able to participate in cycling ride.
Medical and technical assistance services will be on duty during the distance, moreover, you can always appeal to the volunteers of the event. If you will be unable to continue your way in the general column for any reason, you can always stop and continue at your own pace on the sidewalk.