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All participants should familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of participation in the event and strictly follow either the instructions for behavior in the cycling column and instructions of the organizers, volunteers and law enforcement agencies that ensure the safety of the event.


Participation in the Moscow Cycling Festival is open. Anyone can take part in.

We will not be able to verify the physical form and the technical condition of the vehicles (bicycles) of all participants. Please assess your condition and readiness as responsibly as possible. During the Festival ambulance carriages and mobile repair shops will be provided.

  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by adults.
The comfort and safety during the Festival depends on compliance with safety rules, therefore children under 16 years old are allowed to participate only accompanied by adults over 18.

  • Participating for advertising purposes is not allowed.
Using of symbols, slogans, the propaganda of ideas, the distribution of promotional materials without the consent of the Festival organizers is prohibited. To obtain approval, you must register as a community or organization here.

  • Neither alcohol nor drugs intoxication are allowed during the Festival.
Smoking, using of electronic cigarettes and steam generation systems, drinking alcohol are prohibited.


  • Riding faster than 15 km/h is forbidden.
The Cycling Festival is not a sport event. Recommended speed is about 10-12 km/h. Overtaking, frequent rebuilding, driving without steering control with both hands, abrupt stops, driving on one wheel (except for monocycles) and other forms of dangerous cycling are prohibited. Your fall can provoke a fall and injury of other participants.

  • Riding against the direction of movement of the bicycle column is prohibited.
It is really dangerous.

  • Overtaking the "head" of the column is prohibited.
This can lead to a chain reaction that dramatically increases the speed of movement of the column and blockages.

  • The movement of the bicycle column is carried out on the passable parts of the streets.
Riding on the sidewalk is prohibited.

  • Refrain from actively using your mobile phone.
Listening to the music, using two headphones, photographing, typing while moving in a column, may cause losing attention and bumping into other road users or losing the imminent danger.

  • Refrain from stopping when driving in a bicycle column.
Even for a nice photo. Your stop may be dangerous for other participants.


  • If you fell - move to the right on the sidewalk.
In the case of a forced stop, a fall or the inability to continue driving, it is recommended to leave the column towards the sidewalk on the right, or wait for the help of volunteers.

  • If you see someone fall, drive past. Everyone will be helped by volunteers.
If you witness a dangerous incident (for example, a fall), please drive past and report it to the volunteer. Do not stop, trying to help or to find out what's wrong. This may lead to new incidents. Do not worry, the event volunteers will help everyone as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, you can contact the volunteers of the event. They are trained to solve a variety of issues and help you in any situation.