Online challenge “VELOVE” has prepared gifts for bike enthusiasts

01 July 2020
From July 7 to 19, the Moscow Cycling festival will host an Online challenge “VELOVE”, where participants will receive creative and sporty tasks, as well as an access to free online-training from the festival’s partner. For each completed task participants will receive gifts: a Bicycle, training passes and an exclusive opportunity to participate in a private Musical Bike Festival (planed in September 2020). Gifts are prepared for the absolute winner and the winner in the "audience award" category of each task. For example, one of the tasks of the marathon is to take part in a Digital Bike Race. On any day from July 11 to 19, you need to take a ride on your own or rental bike for a distance of 16 kilometers. You can do this from any place in the world. To fix the result, you need to install the "Pacer" app. The number of participants who had performed the challenge will be given to ‘Ve-lobike’ organization. On behalf of every cyclist who overcomes the set distance (16 km), the organizer will transfer 50 rubles to the charity Fund. You can join the marathon before July 8, and complete tasks until July 19. The results and the winners’ names will be ready on July 27. We remind you that participation in the Moscow Cycling festival is free of charge and does not require a special level of training or special equipment. The event is supported by the city bike rental service "Velobike" and Moscow Transport and road infrastructure development Department.